Global warming strikes in az.

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    That's pretty funny...."I think steel melts at that temperature". Best line.

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    Its great the way he recovered and found humor and made the best of the situation.Funny as all :D
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    You know, I don't mind warm weather but when it starts getting above 1000', I go back in the house and turn on the AC. At least it's a dry heat.
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    I worked in a forge shop extruding pipe which was around 2800 degrees when it went into the press. Yeah it wasn't very humid in the forge shop.
    Dry heat.....oh that makes 120 degrees just right for a picnic in the park. Dry is better than humid but hot is still hot. LOL
    Just like in Houston during the summer most road construction is done at night because the daytime heat is just to much to be working outside. From what I have heard Arizona is the same way.
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