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Goin to a gun show today !!

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Nothing I HAVE to have, not even anything in particular I need or want. Will look at reloading stuff and whatever. Its an RK show which are pretty good but this one is in a smaller town and not as large as the one in Springfield at the Fair Grounds. Mostly local sellers. No hopes of a gun of any type as shows are WAY TO HIGH. Seems like a good way to spend a couple of hours. Two trips to this one in the past have yielded NOTHING, BUT YA NEVER KNOW.
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Im back from the show. As I said, a small one. Took less than hours to have a good look at every table. Found 1 pretty good deal. One local private ammo vendor had 7 50 rd boxes of Remington/Eley Target .22. Marked at $15 a box. He admitted it was a little high. Although I knew, I asked him if it was solid round nose or hollow pt. Said he didn't know but would let me have it for $10 a box. That is about right at regular prices. I would pay that but had him open a box to check the bullets, they were round nose as I knew. That's what I wanted but sighed and said, well they are not HP ...... take $60 for the 7. He was quick and accepted. Its tax time so guess he wanted the $$. Nothing else of intrest so I went home, with the $10 admission I was happy on the price of the ammo. Now to check it out in my gun ....... :D


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