good day all you cool marlin owners...

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    hi i am steve i am new to this forum but not new to marlins i own a 336c 30-30 since i was 12 and the marlin 1895 guide gun in stainless steel,black laminate furniture,large loop lever and xs sites.i went to iraq for four years i posted pictures on my pictures and owned a federally licensed gunshop in florida for nine years.i have five safes of the coolest guns but this is a marlin forum so i will stay to the subject,but just wanted to say hi and hope to meet some new friends and chit chat back and forth on the beloved lever action.that`s my story and i am sticking to it...stephen
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    hello Steve, and welcome to the Marlin Forum. glad you joined us.

    allthough we are mainly oriented towards Marlins, please check out our sub-frum on other guns. we all love our Marlins, but many of us own many different brands and types of firearms. please check it out.

    BTW, i read your post on "spray on finishes", very informative and different! nice post.

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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome Steve!! :)
    Glad to have you as part of our friendly group.
    Like many others here, I love my lever guns but I own a variety of other firearms. I'm retired and in my mid 60's and have bought, sold, traded guns and reloaded since I was 21 years old. I have downsized my collection in the past few years but I have owned over 300 guns in total.
    I grew up in the country and hunted beside my Dad since I was old enough to carry a BB gun. Due to age and health concerns, the hunting has dwindled but I still enjoy a day at the range as time allows. I run hot and cold on my interest but for now, I've focused more on shotgun sports, mostly Sporting Clays. I like the idea of paying for 50 birds and then walking a 90 minute course where I can shoot 50 times. A lot different than walking the fields all day and shooting a dozen times. ;)
    Jump in and join the fun.

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    thank you...

    thanks guys i appreciate the warm reception and it is nice to hear different opions.we are on this forums to share our experiences and input and joy of leverguns and range shooting or hunting.not everyone agrees with everyone but that is all good. it is good to hear others opinions even though they may not be to your taste, but i am looking foward to meeting new people and talking about guns and hopefully get some friends on the thank you from the bottom of my means alot to be welcomed anywhere these days so it is nice.i am looking forward to posting and reading posts and learning and giving my matter how old or young we are this is our passion and we can learn new things til the day we die again,thank you..steve
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum Steve !!
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    thank you

    thank you all it is nice to feel welcomed and a part of something i am glad to be here.
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    Welcome aboard Steve and don't be shy.