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Good morning at the little local swap meet

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Was at Wally World early for some carb cleaner and a new phone card. Usually nothing of intrest at the Parking Lot swap meet, but I always check as ya never know. Not many there this morning as severe storms are predicted tonight and next two days. But there was one new guy there with some reloading dies and some other odds and ends. I picked up a BRAND NEW set of RCBS carbide 9mm dies for $10. I dont have a 9 but have lots of brass that family/friends leave on my range. I have the bullets (same as .38 super) and powder. Sooooooo just might pick up a 9 if one pops up CHEAP.

Also the same seller had an aluminum pistol box. Its an old one but still in good shape. I have made a sliding shelf for it and it will hold 4 pistols. Also an area on the bottom for Ammo and other goodies. There are two holes in the top to mount a spoting scope also. He was asking $35 .... I offered $15 .... we settled on $25. It is lined and has some UGLY shag carpet on the lid and shelf. I will change it out later for rubber matting. Also have to find my Velcro Strips to secure the pistols in the rack.


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You had a good time at WW it seems. Did the door alarm go off for you stealing the 9mm dies?
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