Good shooting at last!

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by m16triumph, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. m16triumph

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    Hi Folks,
    Just wanted to share some success. You might recall I was struggling to get my 1894C to shoot straight? Well after much experimentation I have fitted a short body 4x32 Leapers scope on a picatinny rail and with Fiocchi .38 special (158g fmj) I got some decent grouping on the range yesterday. About 1.5" at 50 yards - pretty peased with that!
    Photos show current set up and a 10 round group.
    Hurray, success!
    Now all I've gotta do is get the reloading kit set up Santa brought me and start experimenting all over again!
    Been recommended for .38 to go for 158g bullet, 3.9 grains of vv320. Any thoughts?


  2. SWO1

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    Nice group trimph !! I'm sure with working your way thru some loads and bullets you will improve on that......:D

    Do you have a reloading manual ? would be good (Imparitave) to have the Minimum and Maximum load for any receipe as reccommended by a reliable source. You should know where that formula falls within that, otherwise you can't adjust up or down for your gun.
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  3. greyhawk50

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    Excellent group. I assume that the cross hairs in your 4X scope would cover that group at 50 yards. Looks like you're using the corner of the square as a reference. That would explain the 7 shots within the single enlarged hole. I would be pleased with that group at that distance.The 1894C is a fine rifle but it's not a bench rest target model.
  4. m16triumph

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    Yeah, thanks guys. You're right its no small bore target rifle but good off a rest and rear bag (sniper style)! I like the 1894 very much, nice to handle, lovely action and makes me feel a James Stewart ;-)
    Have a reloading manual so will be working through some loads over next few weeks.
    I like being precise and shoot a lot of bench rest target with a CZ but see the Marlin as a bit of fun, doubt I'll be so paranoid about accuracy now I know the gun is good and once I've got a pet load.
    Looking forward to just enjoying a great little rifle.
  5. Hyphenated

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    Very Nice...I'm happy with those kind of results no matter what I'm shooting.

    Since I am not familiar with the powder you mentioned so I can't make suggestions. However, I can say that Bullseye and Unique are very popular powders for the .38spl.
  6. oldbrass

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    Very nice groups. I`d be very pleased with that..Your going to be addicted to re-loading soon, Sorry but there`s no cure for it..

  7. m16triumph

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    Think I'm already addicted and haven't started yet!
    A few guys at the range have recommended vv320 to me but you're right about Bullseye and Unique, both seem popular too.