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Good Source For New 30-30 Brass?

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I've got about 100 pieces of once-fired 30-30 brass (Win & Fed) and thought I would check into some new stuff tonight. I was surprised to find Starline doesn't list it in their online catalog. That's where I have always bought new brass for everything else I reload. I checked Midway and Natchez. Natchez looks to only offer Win. Midway offers Rem, Win, and Hornady. The Win stuff is $16/50 pieces but a lot of reviewers claim it has gotten to be junk.

Midway claims to have Rem 30-30 brass for $34.50/100. I thought I would order 250 or so from Starline.

Any suggestions for a good source of new brass and maybe a comment on whether or not the Win stuff is still OK?
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i just bought some winchester 30-30 brass the other day from Midway, paid about $14.50 for 50 cases. pretty decent looking brass. couple had some minor dings, but nothing severe. loaded and shot about 20 of them so far, they seem to work alright. it's not like a M94 30-30 is going to be a long range target rifle!
Midway sounds like a good deal.
i also use MidSouth Shooters Supply as another place i order equipment and supplies from. they have excellent service and fast shipping. the prices are pretty much close to Midway and they are still less than $15 for 50 unprimed cases of 30-30 brass.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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