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Good Source For New 30-30 Brass?

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I've got about 100 pieces of once-fired 30-30 brass (Win & Fed) and thought I would check into some new stuff tonight. I was surprised to find Starline doesn't list it in their online catalog. That's where I have always bought new brass for everything else I reload. I checked Midway and Natchez. Natchez looks to only offer Win. Midway offers Rem, Win, and Hornady. The Win stuff is $16/50 pieces but a lot of reviewers claim it has gotten to be junk.

Midway claims to have Rem 30-30 brass for $34.50/100. I thought I would order 250 or so from Starline.

Any suggestions for a good source of new brass and maybe a comment on whether or not the Win stuff is still OK?
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Next time I shoot my 1894, which is usually once a year anymore ( deer hunting season ), I'll save the brass for you.

I save all my brass, even tho I don't reload...because I know it's value. Most of the price of ammo is the consumerables...brass /lead...have all risen in the past year.
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