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Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Windy, Jul 15, 2012.

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    It's Sunday. The start of a new week. What's in store for you this coming week? I've been on vacation and will be until Tuesday night. I have had one of my granddaughters for the past 5 days as my daughter is out of town. I've been pretty busy with her. I take my Dad to the hospital tomorrow for some treatments as he's been ill lately. I go back to work Tuesday night then it's 'business as usual'.

    What about you?
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    Isn't it amazing how busy vacations can be? I hope the treatments go well for your dad. I'm off tomorrow waiting for the arborist/tree guy to come about some of my storm damage from the storm we had two Fridays back. My big oak has limbs (8"+) broken and hanging 30' in the air and it makes us all a little nervous. I'm only hoping that we don't end up losing the tree.

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    Vacation? What's that?

    I kid, I took a week off when I had my son. It was nice.
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    I work at a place that has excellent benefits. I accumulate vacation time faster than I can take it. I get 10.7 hours vacation time every paycheck and we get paid every two weeks. But that vacation time is really what we call PTO and it covers our holiday pay, sick time, etc. But like I said, I can't use it as fast as I accumulate it. I love my job, my co-workers, my shift, my supervisor, my boss, the place I work for, etc. I feel very lucky. :D In fact, my Dad is quite ill right now and I was supposed to go back to work Tuesday (tomorrow) night but my Dad needs to go to the hospital for some procedure. I asked, spur of the moment, if I can have one more night off and I got a reply in less than 15 minutes that someone will cover my shift for me. I'm telling you, I am sooo spoiled.
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    Getting vacation time faster than you can use it and excellent benefits....are you a Congresswoman? :rolleyes:
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    Nah. Congressmen don't need to accumulate vacation, do they? They just don't show up when they don't want to. ;)

    I have a very nice 401(k) going at work that my company matches my contributions and excellent health insurance.