Got an email from Spoon

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by hombre243, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. hombre243

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    He asked me to post the update:

    I plan to go into Sedalia to set up a website for our eldest son-in-laws business Monday...IF the snow showers the weather folks are predicting isn't an understatement. I'll call Starline about brass and swing over to Sierra for an update on availability of pistol and rifle pills.

    Let the MF folks know with an update. (The MF means Marlin Forum...just in case you wondered.):D

    Have a good Sunday.
  2. FOUR4D4

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    Explain does this mean your on assignment?

  3. hombre243

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    Nope. NopeNope
  4. SWO1

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    Hope Spoon has good luck Monday.....Forcast this morning is 3-5" of snow for him.

    In respose to numerous inquiries of why no bullets, Sierra web site has posted a notice that DEMAND is 10 fold from what it was 3 months ago. Goverment and LEO allocation is the same as it has always been. All shortages are due to PUBLIC DEMAND.

    Also Lee is stating that DEMAND is OVER 7 WEEKS ahead of production capibilities. They are going 24x7.

    Both companys say NO DIRECT SALES....All production is being shipped to distributors.
  5. Shooter

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    Glad to hear something from him!
  6. Spoon

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    Sum tin from WHOM?

    I PM'd a couple gents. Sierra was closed. I took lunch and they're out too from 1200-1300. Did visit the Starline Plant. FORGET about high-demand brass. They had a small bit of 380s. Priced just shy of Midway's Retail.

    I'll keep an ear to the ground...if the white stuff from the big storm doesn't dull the sound for a while :D I'll try to keep an eye on how things are running at both Sierra's Outlet and Starline.