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Got another revolver !!

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Went to my shop to pick up a brick of pistol primers to reload .38s and .357s. After standing around while they sold about 12 pistols in an hour I looked at an Armscor .38 in 4". At $220 a nice firearm. The sights were good, thick blade front and wide notch rear, although fixed. 6 shot and the trigger was GREAT both in SA and DA. Transfer Bar saftey. Its a mid-size frame, all blue steel with good weight. Smaller and lighter than my Smith 28 but feels good in the hand. Wes the owner had 6-8 people lined up waiting to get Fed checks for purchases so I put a deposit with his wife and will pick it up latter after Xmas.
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They have a 9" Rough Rider over at Cabellas right now. I am so tempted. Cheap guns that shoot good, that's my motto.
I agree for some applications price dosn't always mean cheap quality and function. Have done a lot of research on this gun for over a week prior to geeting it. It's made in the Phillipines on Old Colt equipment. a close clone to the Colt Detective Special. Although not the quality fit and finish and about 1/4 the price of a Colt. On a couple of Test and Review pistol sites they get (revolvers) Exceptional Buy for the money rating. Used by the Phillipine Gov and Police forces and Security Firms. Their .45 Autos get high marks for quality. For an everyday carry, in a vehicle, boat, in the field, I think its a good choice. Might get another if I really like it. All reviews say Colt Detective Special speed loaders work with it as well as grip replacements. Armscor say "Occasional" +P ammo is OK. Since I'm reloading .38 I will work up some practice loads along with some for my daughters .357. I can see no real advantage of +P over .38 special ammo anyway. Correct bullet choice and "first shot placement" is what counts.

Although when picking up some .38 ammo to build my brass inventory for reloading all Walmart had was Rem. .38 +P left. At the same price of .38 special I got the last box of 100 they had. Will shoot most if not all through the .357s.
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Can't wait to see her...congrats SW01 !!
Sounds like the Armscor .38 isn't a bad deal. Looking forward to pics and a range report.
If all is well, I may have to keep an eye open for one as I wheel & deal. Not that I need it but maybe just to say that I owned one. :))
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