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Why don't ppl know their linitations ?

Some 8 -10 months back, I resurrected a Churchill Mauser in .243, with a very old scope, and some home made fittings, it ended up shooting very nicely, with my reloads.

At the time I suggested that the Ian, the owner, (a mate of my son, Shannon) save up and we would fit a new scope, preferably a Vortex to the rifle, and that would make a very nice piece of equipment.

Not wanting to bother me again he then purchased the scope a Nikon Prostaff, (good enuf) and had it fitted at a Gun Shop, in Morwell, Victoria.
All good he thought.

The normal fitter was on a days off, so this "muppet KNOWALL" shop assistant, fitted the new scope, with new rings on old bases, and didn't fit a recoil lug into the front base, that I had made up. Apparently when Ian checked this "muppet" about the recoil lug, the got told, " I know what I am doing Mate, so don't bother me".

After 10 or a dozen sighting in shots, the new scope flicked off, over his head, and ended up in the back of his truck.

The end result was one "apoligetic" angry Ian, who turned up at my place asking me to fix everything, stating he "should have listened to me in the fist place, and let me do it all for him !".
That idiot fitted standard rings, and the safety would not work, as with this Mauser Action, the safety tab had to from left to right, and pass through a 180 degree swing right under the scope.

At that Point Ian apparently quizzed him about that, but apparently the answer was similar to the first.

Personally, right then, I would have said " give me all the bits back", and walked out of the shop, but for some reason Ian did not.

He recons that if he was to go back into that Gun Shop, he would probably get "locked up", as he will just loose it.

So it's Bucky to the rescue, again, and some 3 hrs later, and some TLC we had it all fixed.

More sighting in again this coming Monday !

The moral of the story here is, "trust your gut feeling"
If you think you are "getting screwed, you probably are".

The 1st foto below, shows the original base, and scope ring, and the holes for the recoil lug, which I made up from a stainless steel bold, and it was a very snug fit.
The 2nd foto is the group the rifle shot, on my first lot of testing.



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All better now !

We set up at the base of a hill, and took some of my reloading gear along.

The end result after 12 rounds of my hand loads confirmed everything.
We doped the scope in after raising the front base with a washer, thus lifting the crosshairs, to the physical centre, and the rest was easy.
We took a foto of the last 2 shots, settling for the lower hit.
Gotta love that !
Check out the bottom target hit line around the top edge, factory loads, were not that flash, but warmed up the barrel somewhat.
After a 30 minute cool down, and a quick clean, it shot brilliantly with my handloads, and it came up rather quickly.

That is the owner of the Churchill 243, and he could not be happier.


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