GPS Tactical Range Bag

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  1. SHOOTER13

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    Just ordered this today...was at the NRA Store...seen it for $159.99.

    Then I said to myself: "wait a minute, I can do better than that"...and I did !! :cool:

    Optics Planet ==>> $119.99 ~~ ( Plus...FREE SHIPPING !!! )

    ( Will review after Christmas )


    GPS Tactical Range Backpack


    Features :

    •Three internal handgun storage cases with magazine storage
    •4 outside zippered pockets for ammo and other accessories
    •Padded waist strap for load stability
    •Internal (Honey Comb) frame for rigidity of the pack
    •MOLLE webbing system that is triple stitched
    •Visual I.D. storage system for ease of use
    •An external bungee system for targets
    •Has pull-out rain cover for sudden downpour
    •YKK Locking zipper for handgun compartment
    •Hook and loop area for name or club placard
  2. MattNH

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    Looks nice. I'm fortunate that I can drive up to the bay's at my range and can work out the the back of the vehicle. Although it may be advantageous for IDPA where I do need to walk from stage to stage.

    Looking forward to the review

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks...I'm looking forward to getting it.

    All my ranges save one are indoor, and I usually bring multiple pistols inside. This saves luggin' a few different cases.

    The outdoor range is a farm...and while I can drive most of the way up, I still have to transport to the firing line.