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Grand Daughter did good first time out

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We got to the stand about 0615. Was about 50deg and WINDY. A little warm but she was still cold. I tried to get her to dress for the wind but might as well talk to the Trees ..... LOL. She hung in there till 1015. I knew she was wanting a break, so we called it a morning and will go back about 1400. She did better than her brothers their first couple of times out. I wont have any trouble having her dress warmer this afternoon, as I told her you can always take it off, but cant put it on if ya don't have it. Didn't see anything, but did hear a couple of grunts about 0900 out of the North Draw. Its overcast and had a little shower early, about 0530. Might get some more later.
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Sounds like excellent hunting weather! It's about what we have here. I'm about to go crazy pacing the house and the yard!!
1315 and getting the thermos filled back up and about ready to head back out. Went down to the little local store to pick up another Any Deer tag for the youngest grand son. He used his land owners for the button buck youth day. I forgot to get him a doe tag. He will go out tomorrow. Talked to 3-4 hunters taking a lunch break and they all said also having a hard time getting anything to come out of the brush. Although they have taken a couple around here this morning. Been hearing shots a ways off, probley a mile or better. Its good not to have anybody close, but also kind of bad not having them stirring them up any. But I like it better this way ...... :p
It's a lot safer SW!
Right before we went back out the clouds parted, the sun came out and the temp soared to 68 ..... :(. The Wasps invaded the stand...Red ones, Black ones, Striped ones. Carlie squeeled and swatted. After a little more than an hour....that was enough. To blamed HOT, never mind the Bees. If its like this tomorrow it will be a NO G0. Starting Monday afternoon another cold front and back to the 40s. Even if we got one would have to work it up ASAP. I hate doing that. Here is a girl that catches Snakes, lizards, CLEANS Fish, Squirrels, Deer, but cant take Insects ...... LOL
Right now at 1945.....67 and thunder storm, lighting. Forecast is for the temp to say above 65 till tomorrow evening around 6 with storms into tomorrow morning. So NO HUNTING TOMORROW ...... :( Monday looking good with rain coming back tues-thurs. I can hack the rain, have taken some of my bigger deer in it, just not the high temps.

Best laid plans of mice, men, and hunters ...........
Checked the critter cam about an hour ago. Still have a group of 5 couple of nights, and 3 Friday night. Have had at least 2 every day since the boys took theirs. Have bought 3 cans of Bug Spray. We will go back this afternoon at 1400 and see if they show back up. My brother-in-law took a good buck yesterday afternoon around 5. I heard the shot. His place is just .5 mile down the road and 180 acres back. Heard another shot about 10 minutes later just across the road where the guy runs his horses but don't know if he got anything or not.
It has been unusual weather this year, hasn't it? I'm with you on huntin in the rain. Maybe because all the sissy hunters, or fisherman, are inside!! Lol hopefully the weather will work with your granddaughter and shed will bag one. Good luck to her!
Strange weather for sure. Back to the 30s tonight and high of 50 tomorrow and looks like rest of the week. Not bad, at least can let em hang. Here are a couple more pics, all does, quess the bucks are across the road.


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At around 1500 had at lest 2 in the brush south of the stand. We could see them moving around but couldn't tell what they were, buck or doe. by the time Carlie got into position and her gun up couldn't locate them in her scope. Then they were gone. Bout 4 got a couple grunts/snorts from the same location but didn't see anything. At least she got to see something today and heard what a buck sounds like. She was worried earlier that her brothers had got all their were until I showed her the Pics and this afternoon. Ill be out in the morning, just Me.
Good luck tomorrow SWO1. Maybe you'll get the one that snorted at you today. Gun season for me doesn't start until next Saturday. Got this pic on my camera from 2 nights ago. Sure hope he's around next week.

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Thats a hoss lingr!
Does look like your Grand Daughter is going to out score me with Bambi this year.
I have a real tale to tell you.
I won't post it on the site though
Overcast and threating rain this morning. I figured PERFECT...At 0800 it started to rain....pretty hard. Had to sit the rifle off the sill onto the floor of the stand, it was getting wet. At 0830 two came out of the North draw. Just to the edge of the clearing. Small does/button bucks. One stayed behind a tree and one just showed his front chest out of the brush. I HAD IT IN THE CROSS HAIRS at 80 yards. But the shot would have been thru BOTH FRONT SHOLDERS. No good neck/head shot and the rest of the body was in thick brush. Stayed for about 1.5 minutes. I thought long and hard. I let it walk. being that small the 180 gr Core Lok would have ruined both front quarters. THEY WILL BE BACK. It quit raining about 9 and they never showed again. I left at 1130. Maybe Ill go back this evening...maybe wait till in the morning. Will check the weather at about 1400.
Just keep after 'em! Something is bound to break for you.
Bucks the size of Buicks
Was supposed to be Thunder Storms today, but that didn't happen. So I went out at 0600. At 0700 caught 4 dark shapes moving toward me from the south about 100 yards out. I thought.... Oh Boy, I will have my choice...... Until they spoke to me.....GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE. Blamed Turkeys. Where where they in October? 4 big Toms. Came to within 40 yards of the stand. One was struttin around like it was April....LOL. Makin fun of me I think ....... :eek: It started to pour at 0800. It slacked off at 1100 so I shut it down and went home. Supposed to be FEEEZIN in the morning, AND MY HEATER DOSNT WORK ... :mad: If the screen door on the back porch is frozen shut in the morning I might just stay home. Supposed to SLEET AND SNOW Sunday - Monday.
Didn't go today. Stayed home and worked on the heater. Aint gonna work. Its almost 4 years old. Went and got a new one. Will be in the 30s all weekend, maybe sleet/snow sunday. Got to have heat for the Grand Daughter.... Well would be nice for me to ..... :p They went up $25 since I got the first one. But do a good job in the Deer Stand. It is what it is.
Got to stay comfy.
Just curious, what brand/model heater do you use???
I have accumulated several heaters over the years. Have an old Mr. Heat that looks like a funnel with a round center cone. Have a couple Coleman's that are dome shaped catalytic but they give off an odor (actually, they stink). Then I have 2 of the newer Mr. Heat Buddy Heaters with the O2 & Carbon Dioxide sensors. I might consider using one in my Dog House Ground Blind. Although, a hurricane lantern in a 5 gallon bucket, set between your legs can work well.
The original intent was for primitive camping but that's not something that I do anymore. Now their intended use is alternative heat in case of an extended power outage.
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