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Grand Daughter did good first time out

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We got to the stand about 0615. Was about 50deg and WINDY. A little warm but she was still cold. I tried to get her to dress for the wind but might as well talk to the Trees ..... LOL. She hung in there till 1015. I knew she was wanting a break, so we called it a morning and will go back about 1400. She did better than her brothers their first couple of times out. I wont have any trouble having her dress warmer this afternoon, as I told her you can always take it off, but cant put it on if ya don't have it. Didn't see anything, but did hear a couple of grunts about 0900 out of the North Draw. Its overcast and had a little shower early, about 0530. Might get some more later.
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Learn somethin new everyday. Thx for the explanation sw01
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