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    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. I have been offered a Marlin 80DL from an estate. It looks little used, good general condition but with a few "issues". It is fitted with an adjustable Redfield rear sight and a circle front, there are two swivels though no sling. Woodwork and barrel look to be in nice condition. The issues are that a) the bolt cannot be removed for cleaning or storage without full removal of the rear site (at first glance), clearly a nuisance. b) the safety slide seems to be not working c) when fully engaged the magazine seems a bit loose fore/aft. Nothing critical until the last round when it seems to not load properly. I did have chance to try it out at the range yesterday.....nice feel and accurate, above issues excepted. Any input on these issues would be welcome. I am competent to take the rifle apart for an overall review and any cleaning needed, but I would like to do this with the aid of a manual etc. I have looked online for one and found several sites listing one but they are "subscribe download sites" for games, videos and when joined still not let me access a manual. A phone call to these differently names but all the same business sites got me the info that they have lost the rights to hold these downloadable files. I cannot find another place to obtain a manual for the 80DL. I have also looked on Ebay and at several gun sites in Canada and the USA. Is there any possibility that someone has a digital 80DL manual or take-down sheet which could guide me, or run me through a few of the things I need to check? Finally, can anyone give me some guidance as to a "good price" to me and a "fair price" to the estate? If anyone can help with any of this, apart from answering here so anyone can be helped, I'd sure appreciate an email at [email protected]
    Many thanks and thanks for being here!!
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    Welcome. I have a Marlin 80G from either 1961 or 1962 and two Gelnfield 25s from the mid 70s. Look for Glenfield 25 for manuals, it is the exact same gun.

    I'm having trouble visualizing how the rear sight would be in the way of the bolt removal. Is it mounted in the 2 holes on the left side of the receiver?

    For the safety lever not working, it's a pretty straightforward mechanism and may just need to be cleaned. I had my 80G disassembled to detail clean and when I reinstalled the safety lever I tighteded the screws too tight and the safety would not engage. Once I backed them off a tiny bit, no issues.

    As far as the magazine being a little loose, that may be normal but again, hard to quantify. For the last round not feeding, that may be a magazine problem, broken spring or just worn out. One of my original magazines that came with one of the Glenfied 25s will work in one of them but not the other. The new magazines I picked up from Walmart online for all 3 function in all 3. I only have the problem with one old mag in one gun.

    Price wise. I paid $100 for the 1978 Gelnfield 25 with a 3-9x variable illuminated generic Chinese scope at a local gun store 3-4 years ago. I paid $85 for the 1976 Glenfield 25 with plain sights in an auction, late 2012. Lastly, I paid $90 for the Marlin 80G with a complete junk Tasco scope that I threw away in a private sale this past December.

    If I found a Marlin 80DL with the walnut stock and original sight, I would not hesitate to buy at $150 and would consider going up to $200 if it was really nice.
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    Some thanks are due. First to Shooter 13 for the hints on the Glenfield 25 being the same gun. Given how many Marlin 80DL's were sold I am a bit surprised that I can find NO reference to an accessible manual....I assume that there would have been one...? And even more surprised that no-one is on YouTube taken one apart..... I am just nervous to go diving in with screw driver and "pry-bar" (LOL) and finding things flying out of places I am not familiar with to replace them.....then to MattNH.... I have spent many hours on this gun yesterday and today. I am convinced the previous owner (now deceased) bought a gun which had never been prepped by the dealer. It was caked in cosmoline which had baked around the pin strike area and in the barrel and it had been stored in a singularly dusty location. Everything was as stiff as could be..... I am convinced it was never cleaned. Incredible mess. I have been degreasing and lubricating and wioing and allowing things to drip....and most laterly I have re-oiled everything and actuated it many times to work in the oil...... things feel a lot better but I think I will let the oil penetrate again and then go at it all one more time. I have the safety moving now but it is still exceptionally hard to move...... so I will pay attention to that when I figure out my comfort level at stripping the gun down. I have found some parts lists with diagrams on Ebay, single page tear-outs from magazines it says, meant to be framed, but each image has been semi obliterated on Ebay and I am not sure what use it is......a full manual would be a delight to get me started. I will look under the Glenfield name on Ebay. Also thank for your input on value......a local gunshop gave me some opinion on that today too. Oh and yes I did figure the sight out...... total dismounting wasn't necessary, there is a VERY stiff, small spring loaded button which when pressed allows the sight to be pulled upwards giving clearance for the bolt took a while to accuate this too, but now the bolt has been out, the barrel painstakingly cleared (awful mess) and all in all, things look good. Still want to do the total take down though and really need that manual !!
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    Sounds like solid progress, oldlincolnian! Welcome to the Forum; good folks here!
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    MattNH commented about "if this has the original sights". I do not know if these are original but they look a lot more elaborate than some I have seen in some pix. These are REDFIELD sights. Comments gladly received.

    I have also discovered that apparently there is no proper manual, just a general broadsheet, but nothing to instruct on a total take-down of the gun :-( and I have heard a caution about some incredibly small fastening clips and a spring that can go twang.....Makes me nervous to try to dismantle it totally.

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    Nice rifle. I've never owned one, so......
    Anyway, Welcome to the Forum. Glad to have you with us.[/B]
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    I am unsure of the Redfield sight being factory. The Brophy book doesn't mention them. However, the stock modification to handle the sight looks very well done.

    As far as take down, there is a single takedown screw toward the but of the magazine plate. Loosening that, you can remove the entire barrel and action. Nothing should go flying at this point, unless something is wrong. The trigger will be held in with 2 pins, and there are 2 springs captured in there. I have replaced the trigger spring with springs I have taken out of ball point click pens to lighten the trigger pull. I have left the sear spring alone. I have had to tweet the ejector wire with small needle nose pliers. The safety lever is held on with 2 screws, I only removed once to clean up some surface rust. I have never taken the bolt apart and have heard you need 3 hands to get it back together if you do.

    When it comes down to it, these are surprisingly simple on the inside.
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    Welcome to the forum