Group Tightner from the Doctor ???

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    Was referred to a Neurologist by my Dr. Have had problems holding a pistol steady and to some degree a rifle.

    She was from China....Immigrated about 10 years ago. Spent quite a bit of time and she said I had BENIGN ESSENTIAL TREMOR. About 5% of the population has it and 10% of us over 60.

    Characterized by shaking of the hands, arms, feet, legs, head. Some or all of the mentioned parts. Bad news is it's UNCURABLE....Good news it's TREATABLE.

    Mine is of moderate shaking of the hands when my arms are extended....and slight tremors of the head. I have been taking an appropriate medication for it for years....she said just the WRONG DOSE. Upped my dosage for 30 days and if after that period if no noticeable improvement will go to a stronger medicine.

    Interesting conversation with her:

    Classic case in Medical School is of Audrey Hepburn, the actress. She had it BAD. She said to watch the Movie, "On Golden Pond" and pay attention to her head and hands. So bad she did not respond to treatment. Also she said while in China they treated a North Korean Olympic Pistol shooter who had a pretty bad case as I do in the hands when his arms were extended. He won the Olympic Gold Medal on the medicine I will go to next. Bad news is he Popped on the drug test and was stripped of his medal....LOL

    I start my new dosage today. She said should see a marked improvement in 2 weeks. WE WILL SEE.
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    Good Luck! I guess this means you'll be representing the USA at the next Olympic Games? LOL

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    A "BIG IMPROVEMENT" for me will be to keep em all on paper in timed and rapid fire......:D 2-3" groups with TWO HANDS and I will award myself a medal. I might be able to fix the hold, but there ain't any treatment for "ABILITY". Can't get back what I never had.
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    I hope it helps you out!