Gun Appreciation Day

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    Living in what has become probably the most liberal state in the union, solidly controlled by democrats who have mastered the art of the gerrymander, and with a governor who has his eyes on the White House, we rallied in our state capital of Annapolis yesterday in support of our right to keep and bear arms. Our governor is proposing even more draconian gun control measures and wading through the blood of the children of Conn. to get his agenda passed. We were about 300 strong and I hope they heard us because unlike the Occupy Movement, our rally was polite, respectful, clean, spiritual, family oriented, and law abiding. Even the police who monitored the event were impressed with us. Praise God and God Bless America!
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    Way to go.You should be proud.

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    Sorry folks I haven't been more present here. The effort required to keep up at the Hi Point site can be exhausting, and my tiny business has grown a bit, thanks to the boys at HPFF, and it consumes my time. But...where were you guys yesterday?

    I and 4 from Austins Hi Point site were at the Guns Across America rally in Olympia, WA. There were about 2000 good peaceful men, women, every race, boys, girls, babies, the infirm, the elderly, and many young adults in the shadows of the Washington state capital dome, the WWI memorial, and the Medal of Honor memorial standing united in defense of the Constitution. It was my first political rally/protest and one of the most inspirational days of my life. I nearly cried twice, while I and many others sang the national anthem, and then while I cruised around the perimeter during the speeches to...take it all in.

    We're getting our asses kicked folks by the radical left. They have captured the hearts and minds of the useful fools. It's time to stop apeasing the left. It's time to stop playing nice. It's time to fight fire with fire. It's time to use the tactics of the left to fight them on their own turf. It's time to take to the streets peacefully, BUT LOUDLY! It's time to get politically active before it's to late. There are more pro Constitutional rallies scheduled in the next few weeks. Google Guns Across America and learn more.

    It was not hard. I did not feel weird or threatened. Hell the politicians who spoke compared us to the original patriots who stood against the Red Coats in 1775 and 1776. Now if that don't bring a tear to your eye you aint a good Yank.

    Oh ya carry guns galore! ARs, AKs, drop legs, kydex toted plastic wonders, muzzle loaders, and of course the Duster was toting a Super Blackhawk in a sweet cartridge belt that got numerous comments, and a few leads.

    Join in folks. Except for travel expenses it wasn't hard at all, in fact it was a day I wont soon forget.
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