Gun features you dislike for no good reason.

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by FOUR4D4, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    Everybody has features in a gun you don't like

    I for one don't like the handguns with the little second trigger with in a trigger to me its just annoying

    And what about those wood stocks with all the thumb tacks in them,kinda a tacky way to mess up the beauty of wood furniture

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  2. MattNH

    MattNH Well-Known Member

    In no particular order:

    1. Rails on handguns
    2. Magazine disconnects
    3. Internal locks
    4. Nickel plated guns
    5. Flat dark earth
    6. Warnings
    7. Commemorative editions

  3. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    I'm a little tired of the term tactical it is being over used, paint a gun a flat earth color and all of a sudden its tactical.
  4. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    Only two that come to mind right now.
    The accu-trigger on a Savage 93. More than once, I didn't push it straight back and it dropped the firing pin without a discharge.
    And all the Kalifornia Safeties on my Phoenix 22 pistol. Just seems silly. You got to have one to understand.
    But like motor vehicles, I can drive just about anything,
  5. straightshooter

    straightshooter Well-Known Member

    I think it would be real hard to pull those safety triggers without catching that center safety. Now maybe if I accidentally caught my fingernail on the trigger I might not catch the safety also. Funny how so many have copied Glock on this.
    Don't ever talk about being Glocked. Glock owners say that was only because the cops didn't handle the gun correctly. REALLY ?!? HMMM I thought that was what safeties were to protect against. And besides cops aren't trained how to handle a gun safely.
    Yep it would be down right hard to Glock yourself with a Phoenix 22A. LOL
  6. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    You have me at a disadvantage, sir. What is "being Glocked"?
    Haven't heard that before. Need to learn something new today.
    Not fond of Tupperware Guns, although my Kel-Tec falls in that category and I like it.
  7. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    I had a Savage 93 in 22 mag.
    It you pushed back on the side of the trigger (or even slightly off center) instead of straight on, it release the firing pin w/o striking the cartridge. To reset, simply raise & lower the bolt handle. It happened more than I liked.
  8. straightshooter

    straightshooter Well-Known Member

    Being Glocked refers to an accidental discharge of the Glock gun. A few cops have shot themselves by an accidental discharge by triggers being pulled unsafely. The only true safety is keep your booger finger out of the trigger guard.
    I recently saw a you tube video of I believe it was a Savage bought used that would fire as the bolt was put down or just by actuating the safety lever back and forth. Also if the gun while bolt was down and gun was dropped on the butt the gun then also would fire. Most believe the problem stemmed from previous owner probably had done some trigger work and messed it up bad.
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  9. 28Shooter

    28Shooter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    Tac rails forged into handgun frames - ugly!
  10. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    Safeties PERIOD on pistols and those darn mag disconnects. Both can get you in a bad way and require frequent handling as some safeties work in the DOWN position -vs- up to engage and down to fire. Walthers come to mind as examples of going against the grain of "normal" (whatever that is these days). I'll stick with the Sig for that reason plus the fact that they are proven dependable as a pistol can be!

    The crossbolt on a lever makes absolutely no sense and therefore it too fits the 'dislike' column of whacko gun control freaks. How many have missed an opportunity to put your tag on a nice buck simply because of the mandated safety feature?
  11. SWO1

    SWO1 Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    Shiny, slick stocks on hunting rifles. Guess could be used for starting fires with reflected sun beams ..... lol

    pistol grips and fore arm pegs on rifles

    Flash lights on ANY gun. Just put a neon sign on your chest that says "shoot here"

    2 Mags taped TOGETHER for Combat weapons ...... BAD IDEA !! But might be OK if you have a flash light on the weapon also ... :p

    Automatic for ANY GUN, pistol or rifle. The wheel has been around for a LONG time.

    "Personal Defense" Ammo that costs 4X the same thing labeled HP. Awful expensive box.
  12. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    Left-hand bolt guns that load and eject on the right side, they`re out there