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Gun Rust (vent)

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i have done everything to prevent gun rust i found surface rust on my marlin 444 My wife made me move my guns with the humidity in florida Sorry just had to vent:mad:
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This may help

When i clean my guns i wipe a moist cloth with clp on it then do not touch any metal parts and put my guns in gun socks and buy dessicant just for guns in a big bag with a ph tester and when it turns pink i put the dessicant bag in the toaster over on super low for 15 minutes and re dry the dessicant.i have 5 safes with 60 guns in each and there is not a speck of rust on any of my firearms and if it is stainless or chrome i use armodillo wax made just for comes in a little round cannister and you rub it on and get all the spaces covered and get a microfiber cloth and rub it is wax for guns and works way better than any oir i even use it on blued or parkerized guns.way better barrior against the elements and no dust or dirt attracted to it plus if you do touch your gun and put a thumb on the metal by accident the oils and salts won`t start it to stain.more rust starts by touching your gun than any humidity. A sweaty hand on a non oiled gun will have a rusted thumb print on it the next day.there is another product called turbo is a rag with a somewhat dry chemical on it,you run it up and down the rusted part of your gun and it removes even the uglist pits without an ounce of scratching and leaves a residue to inhibit rust.i live in florida too and i have no rust,key is to not touch the metal after you wipe down the gun and wipe down your guns often.i leave a rag in each safe that is barely moist just enough to put a thin coat of oil on my gun then hold it by the wood or plastic stock.
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Where in fl.

i live in nw fla...use one silicon gun sock...on an oiled and regularly cared-for gets checked at least monthly...
Really only use it to keep other guns from marking it if something bounces wrong in the safe...

The rest in that safe are open-air with a goldenrod "gun saver" dehumidifier...

i still toss a new packet of silicon beads in on a regular i get 'em from work every week in our shipments...
We unbox new tv's and toss the packs, so i keep a couple for home use...
They die after a month or two, you reset 'em by nuking inna microwave to steam the water out..
Or just toss 'em...and stick in new ones...
hi,you said north west florida.i live right on the nature coast at the very bottom of the big bend.hernando county.spring hill to be exact.great fishing and hunting,awesome gun ranges and is a quiet town then aripika,hudson,port richy and new port richy but where i live i use my fireplace all winter and it is a nice change,looks nothing like what you see on tv that`s for sure.
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