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Gun Rust (vent)

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i have done everything to prevent gun rust i found surface rust on my marlin 444 My wife made me move my guns with the humidity in florida Sorry just had to vent:mad:
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Sorry to hear about your problem. Not sure if this will help. I've had some success with it for many years. Using an old white sock and rubbing the grease in until the sock remains white, except for the color change caused by the grease. It's not real pricy and may cure the problem. Even if it needs repeated from time to time. The RIG works well to get the rust out of the pores of the metal.

I've even used Mobil 1 motor oil and/or Dextron AFT Fluid to prevent rust. (separate or mixed) (don't use it inside the barrel, it's too thick and will cause extreme pressures on the first shot) I've used both inside the barrels of my muzzle loaders but I always swob them with a dry rag before the first shot. Muzzle loaders are notorious for rust inside the barrels.
Hope this helps.
I use the silicone gun socks maybe they attract moisture:eek:
Maybe?? I was wondering about that. I know that the old zipper soft side cases with the wool linings will attract moisture and cause rust.
I don't need it but was thinking that a safe with a heat rod and the guns open to the air might be the best situation in a high humidity environment????
Just making suggestions.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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