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  1. FOUR4D4

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    I have to forget about a new gun time to get a gun safe, lets hear what you own.I cant decide :confused:
  2. FOUR4D4

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    Wow no safe owners out there, I might go with this one

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  3. havasu

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    I'm also shopping for a nice new safe, so I'll be watching this thread.
  4. greyhawk50

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    Not sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for a 10 gun, 14 gun, 20 gun or something larger???

    The one that I have is a 10 gun made by Sentry. Suits my needs but may be too small for someone else. Several years ago, it was on clearance at Walmart for less than $200. To me, in most everything, price is a factor.
    Add to that the fact that I live in an old stick built house and there is some guestion as to how much weight the floors will hold???

    Don't know if you have any Tractor Supply Co. stores in your area but they sometimes have a good selection at reasonable prices.
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  5. FOUR4D4

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    Thanks Greyhawk and Havasu
  6. straightshooter

    straightshooter Well-Known Member

    The most important thing to remember is do not get a safe with an electronic key pad lock. Get a manual dial combination lock. Why? Because the electronic locks last on average 3-5 years before they have a problem. I said average not all so don't tell me how good yours has been.
    I bought an American Security safe with the electronic lock less than three years ago. I had trouble getting it to open but then did get it to open. I replaced the batteries thinking that was the problem. I had trouble opening it after that and I left it open but activated the lock position. I couldn't get it to unlock after that.
    I called a locksmith and that's who told me that the electronic locks are the biggest problem of gun safes. That AVERAGE they last 3-5 years before failing.
    I paid $375 to have my electronic replaced with the manual combination. If I had not been able to get the door open then it would have had to be drilled more than likely which costs could be around $700.

    The picture of the Centurion is about same size as mine and inside looks the same also. If you have a lot of guns and a few rifles and a lot of ammo then that safe will probably be to small.

    My safe has a lifetime warranty. But the locking device only has a ONE year warranty. HMMMM I wonder why that is? IMO the safe only has a one year warranty because the weakest link only has a one year warranty.

    Also buy the biggest safe you can afford and that will fit in the space you want it in. Safes seem to shrink real quick.
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  7. lingr

    lingr Well-Known Member

    I have a 14 gun Stack On safe with a manual combination lock. It was perfect size for me when I bought it. Now it's crammed full and am in need of a larger one. My advice is whatever you choose, get the biggest you can afford.
  8. SWO1

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    I have a 50 gun Liberty safe. My wife and daughter gave it to me. Its big and heavy but I have a concrete slab floor. Took 5 of us to get it in the house. Only one side is configured for long guns and the other is shelves. Nice pistol pockets on the door. Like straightshooter said ..... It's shrinking.
  9. Mauserhooked

    Mauserhooked Well-Known Member

    I own 4 Cannon safes; 2 Wide-body 40+gun models and 2 smaller 24-gun models. I bought mine from Tractor Supply and you can find them on sale occasionally. I've been very happy with my Cannon safes and have never had any problems with the electronic locks. A nice feature to the safes is that they have in internal electric socket so you can plug in a dry rod to control any moisture concerns if you like. My only real advice would be to get one larger than you think you really need. They tend to fill up fast! Good luck in your search!
  10. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    I have an elcheapo Walmart special cabinet that I`ve had for years, It stores guns but would I call it a "safe" not really...I really should upgrade to a nicer one with some fire protection..Nothing to big since I only own 6 long guns
  11. rm_mdl60

    rm_mdl60 Well-Known Member

    Walmart has a 18 gun sentinel on sale but I dont know much about them. I was at tractor supply yesterday and looked at the stack on and winchester safes, now keeping in mind to avoid the key pad locks I liked the winchester safe with the turn dial lock so far! Still interesting in checking out other brands!