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Gun Show this Weekend !!

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It's an R&K one. The biggest sponser in this area anyway. In the next town over (23 miles) I will go to look for .357, .40 bullets, and .40 S&W dies, small Pistol Primers. Is there anything else I MUST HAVE....Probley so, but wont know what it is till I see it........:D My wife told me about it......That to me says.....GO FORTH AND BUY. It opens at 0900. I usually get up by 4 so think I will go early, Maybe 5.....if I want to get in by noon.
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I wish you much success. Let us know how it goes.
My son is going to a gun show somewhere this weekend. Not sure where. I wasn't invited.
My favorite show is on the first weekend of the month. I'm planning on going then.
Sounds like a good day. I enjoy the shows that have independent sellers.
Thanks for the report.
I considered selling my mod. 60 and the 1200 rounds of Stingers that I've had laid back in my "stash" but changed my mind.
With my eyes the way they are, I don't shoot rifles much any more and the Stingers aren't recommended for semi-auto actions. If I sell the mod. 60, I would replace it with a bolt gun or a Henry and would need the Stingers. If I kept the mod. 60, I would need to replace the Stingers with high velocity 22s that are hard to find right now. :confused:
So for now, I'll just hold tight and see what happens. I have 1 1/2 boxes of bulk Federal along with 150 Rem. Mohawk and 100 Rem. Target loads (about 1000 rds. total) but won't shoot them until the situation improves.
For now, shotgun shells are available and I can always dig out the smoke pole if'n I feel the need for a fix.

I'm going to a local gun show this next Saturday. The supplies were good last month so I'll see if I can pick up a few items for my wish list.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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