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Gun shows

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Rules of going to a gunshow
1) never go looking for that one certain item i went today looking for reloading equipment,1 vender was selling a few powders and very few dies and that was it.:mad:
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Sorry to hear about your wasted trip, for supplies anyway.
I always enjoy gun shows. Even if I'm not looking for anything except a bargain. Over-all, I've had good success. But then again, I come from a long line of horse traders.
Long story short; I bought a Mossberg 500 Bantam 410 for home defense. (I have my own logic on this). Gander Mountain had a youth model with a vent rib barrel for $250 (that's the one I bought). A LGS had the Home Defense model with the 18" barrel for $280. Aside from the price, I didn't like the vertical forearm grip on the HD Model. I figured that i could buy an extra 18" barrel. Guess what? You can't find them w/o the whole gun. Not even on the Mossberg web sight.
.Don't know why, but the next trip to the GS, I started asking about one. Figured, worst case, I'd buy a 24" and cut it down. I was told by 2 different dealers with barrels that a man had been in 2 hours earlier trying to sell one (18" none the less). The dealer at the third table with lots of barrels had bought it. Bingo. I figure the chances were 1-1M but I wouldn't have known if I hadn't ask. :))
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I always liked gunshows but they've gotten so crowded that it's hard to really look at anything. A couple of years ago I went to a show and every vendor had people five deep at the tables and you couldn't move so we just gave up and went home.
You get BO reelected, you'll see gun shows you can't even get in the door, much less up to the tables.:mad:

Rule#2....... never go with out a pocket full of ca$h
I like to sit out front and watch the people comming in. If you see someone with something interesting most of the time they will stop and talk to you about it. If they are trying to sell and I am interested I give them my cell# and ask them to call me on their offer inside. Once in a while we can make a deal.....:)
I go cause I always see the older oddball stuff that you don't see at the LGS.
Deals can be had, last show I went to, I traded a HK USP compact(40S&W) for a S&W model 19(357 mag) that looked unfired, but lately all the dealers think they have "Gold Bullion" on their tables.


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That 6" Model 19 K frame is sweet...^^^

For me, it's the "one" that got away !

As for gun shows...seems there's one in the general area at least every other month.

I like to go to the big ones, as the small ones ( firehouses / catering halls ) usually have junk,

and most of the ammo retailers and gun shops usually don't attend.
One vender there was saying that he would not sell a gun. That he had on display,I told him then leave the gun at home and walked away.
I take issue with people who are trying to Jack up the price because it has "Sentimental" value to them.

I tell em..first of all..sentament only has value to one else

second....I have no respect for so called sentament that runs only as deep as your pocket.....:mad:
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