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    I only own three handguns and I keep them at my bedside in a Gun Vault like this one. It is a nice safe, has a spring loaded door and easy buttons to push. I am of the type that keeps my guns locked up unless they are with me. I have a granddaughter that comes to my house and though she knows gun safety I still would like to prevent any accidents. Plus, I don't ever want my guns stolen. If my guns aren't with me they are in the safe. The bad thing about this safe is it is at capacity with my 3 handguns in it. Any more gun purchases and I will need another safe. I don't have any way to secure a long gun.

    How do the rest of you store your firearms?
  2. greyhawk50

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    I have a Centry 10 Gun Safe like the one in the link.
    It isn't fire rated but it is built strong enough to detour a burglar. More than enough to be child safe. I bought it during a close-out sale for less than 1/2 the listed MSRP.
    It hold 10 long guns and has a top shelf capable of holding about 3 handguns. It's just me, but I figure this safe should hold everything that I "need". Any more than that are subject to be sold or traded.
    I have a smaller metal unit on top of it just for usable ammo. Then I have the "stash" of ammo stored away in military ammo cans.


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    Cannon 24-gun, but it darn sure won't hold that many with optics...I know for a fact! And you darn sure don't want to try and move it alone...even empty. As for handguns...they might be anywhere/EVERYWHERE for emergency access. I grew up in an LE household. Loaded weapons can be/are useful, unloaded/locked...USELESS. Our kids were all taught from early on, as are the grandkids, that guns aren't dangerous until YOU pick one up. Noise and terminal results on juicy fruits/melons or water jugs drive the point across in a clearly understood manner. Seeing a critter's carcass hanging while viewing the tissue damage from the wound channel of that cold, dead critter serves to reinforce the power of firearms. windy - If you're worried about other children that visit/play with your grand alone control who enters your residence. That and your choice to be an overt or covert gun-owner so that other children's parents are informed as well. I sure don't want any of our family associating with antis in our armed households, once we fail to turn their thinking around. They become unwanted liabilities in all forms.

    Screw the lawyers :mad: that want to aid in your disarmament. Any firearm is just another "tool in the woodshed". It takes a person or well-trained monkey to operate one. I'm OLD SCHOOL all the way and think the "establishment" needs to wake up and realize that excuse making and the lack of conviction/backbone to fatally eliminate the criminal element is directly rooted in the growing violence in America. See hombre243's post about "Chi town's Violence". We need to take out the trash. Armed = A Citizen; Disarmed = A Victim. It's that simple;)

    The safe holds things tight to the house and is useful to prevent major thefts while we're away. When we're domiciled...things just seem to find there way to move throughout the house for contingencies. It's not unusual for me to be wearing one inside or outside around the property and always with me/on my person everytime I go to town/travel. Everyone around here that I know...lives pretty much the same way. Folks just never know when a coyote (2 or 4-legged) may need to be removed from the population. Neighbors have been known on several occassions, to investigate unusual or unknown vehicles/persons without hesitation. Yep...still hope for America...least 'roun here.
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    school lockers

    grey very true.i have a buddy that takes flat receivers for ak47`s and has a metal brake a jig and the riveter and builds custom ak47`s and sells them by the dozen. plus other guns he builds.the guy make my collection look like i have a red ryder bb gun(i love red ryders just saying).he went to a school auction.they post in the paper or local flyer and bought 20 lockers for 100 bucks.yes they are not fireproof and yes the lock will only keep honest people out.but if you are worried about your grandchildren you can get one,screw a couple hooks in there for your pistols or make a shelf and you can put a good 6 long guns in it.just a different look at things.that might be a cheap and easy way to go or you want something beefier,just throwing it out there and hope it helps.
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    Mine is a work in progress, I have a closet under my stairs, that I lined with 3/4" plywood , then put some tongue & groove Cedar throughout.
    Some Maple shelves and some Elm (buttstock shelf). I ordered a solid core (80#) door to replace the hollow core (flimsy) and a couple of deadbolts.
    But it's not fireproof. A couple of pics...

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    Nothing wrong with the Stack-On. I've owned them in the past and would have one now if it wasn't for the deal I found on the Sentry.
    My son-in-law has a Stack-On and my son has several. They work very well as a means of keeping guns away from children or meeting state requirements where applicable. Although they can be opened easily with a pry tool, they are not a bad choice if the budget is tight.

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    My gun safe, and secondary compartment, for bolts, and compulsary paperwork

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    I'm considering something like what Tahoe has done. My Stack-On is stuffed. The handguns are piled on top of each other with only the leather to protect them. I scored a good deal on a HI Point 995 carbine last night and now the long guns are stacked in there. If I took the ammo out I could wrap long guns around the other side, but I consider ammo as important to secure as the guns. I've considered a safe, but after learning a thing or two about them I've decided I can't afford a real safe (most are much cheaper built and easier for pros to get into than they appear). So for the money I'd get much more room and utility, by armoring the closet. And since I really am out of room that has to get moved up the list because one more long gun and I have an unsecured gun in the house.
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    I use a Stack-On Elite 36 gun safe. It uses deadbolts. It is fire rated. It weighs over 700 pounds and I love it. Problem is, it is full and I need another.
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    Windy I think yer gonna need a taller safe . For starters that Henry 22 that is still calling out to you to bring it home , then the others that will follow in due time ;)
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    I know. When I get the rifle I'm just going to keep it in a locked case until I can afford a "REAL" safe. It will be a fun dilemma, though. :D
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    I like that Tahoe. Planning to to something similar myself.