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Discussion in 'Other Guns' started by MattNH, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. MattNH

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    HR guy pulls into the parking lot coming back from lunch. I watch him walk toward my door, it's locked so I get up to let him in. He says lets go for a walk. OK, walk with the HR guy...

    Heads back towards his car and pops the truck. Says he had a stop and lunch and it's not his fault because his kids didn't get him anything for Father's Day.

    Brand new Dan Wesson Valor Stainless 1911. It was simply stunning.
  2. greyhawk50

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    That's great. More companies should allow guns on the property. What if you wanted to go hunting after work???
    The company that I retired from didn't allow guns on the property at all. If you were caught, it resulted in certain termination. They wouldn't even allow a "gun for sale" on the bulletin board.
    One of my friends posted a gun for sale and they made him take it down. It was posted next to a "breast pump for sale", but it was allowed to remain. We found it humorous and yet, it wasn't.

  3. Mauserhooked

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    This certainly restores my faith in HR folks!
  4. GunnerJacky

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    That happens in most countries, you cannot carry your gun in the public place. Only if you have Class A license, you can carry even heavy capacity loaded firearm in the public areas... :cool:
  5. 28Shooter

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    No guns (or gun talk) allowed in my former workplace.

    I retired from the most liberal politically correct local government in the State of Maryland (and that's saying something - also, Don't Vote For O'Malley). When an employee, I was told that the "NRA" sign I had hanging in my office was considered offensive and that I would have to take it down. I refused and politely informed my supervisor and the two very arrogant liberal anti-gun attorneys who found my "NRA" Blue Eagle offensive that "NRA" stood for the National Recovery Administration instituted by the very "progressive" FDR to help pull the US out of the Depression. Not being one to hold my tongue, I further told them that their comments exposed their ignorance of American history and a bias that I found offensive. Needless to say, the sign stayed up.