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Went down to pick up walnuts at a neighbors place. Got to talking about guns and he asked if I would reload some shells for him. Brought out the gun. A 1978 Remington 742 BDL DELUXE Woodmaster in 6MM Remington. His father bought it for him New in 78. Checked the Ser# and it matches up with that years production. Beautiful Gun. Has the original Tasco 2.5 X 10 scope on it. The older Tascos are pretty good. Its still crystal clear. He wants me to get the dies for it. I have powder, primers. On my trip to Sierra will have to try and find some 90/100 gr .244 bullets. The gun has 1 in 9 twist barrel so really need the heavier bullets. He still has about 50 factory rounds and a few hulls. I really want to shoot this gun. Will do better than the .243 I'm sure. Last time he shot it was 3 years ago, took a 8 pt. He has another 8 pt. on his game camera this year so he's fired up again.....LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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