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I'm pretty much in agreement with everything Greyhawk said at the start of the thread.

I am one of those folks that believes there are 'marginal' calibers. Bring enough gun. Shootings in real life don't happen like in the movies. People being hit with 9mm's don't get picked up and knocked across the room. The adrenaline or drugs makes return fire a possibility and you want to lower the bad guys blood pressure as fast as possible. Bigger calibers do just that. However....having said all that, I believe any gun is better than no gun in your time of need. So if your wife, girlfriend or daughter are only comfortable shooting a .22LR or .32ACP go with it. I feel most adult females can learn to master a small frame .380ACP or .38Spl. revolver.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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