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Interesting thread greyhawk50. I've read and reread it before making a reply.

I'll refrain from making reference to any articles and go only on what I have experienced first hand.

First point....I've never heard of the Applegate method, although from what the article and book review say it seems to go along with all combat courses I have taken. Also it seems to mirror what actully happens in (or did to me) in a combat setting. I may try and find the mentioned book.

Second point....Totally agree. This one I can attest to FIRST HAND. Even tho my thought is that it was due to an inhearent design flaw and not a mechanical faliure.

Third point....Somewhat....I own more than one, and practice with all. Satisfied that I am compitent with any of mine at any time.

Fourth point...Don't really believe there is a "marginial" caliber. There are people with marginial placement and bullet choice.

Be interested in what others have to say.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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