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Handgun training and Qualification for MO. CCW

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This thread is for the documentation on the process of teaching my Wife and Daughter proper handgun handling and firing with the intention of obtaining a CCW in the State of Missouri.

I have just about finished assembling a variety of firearms for this class.

H&R 9 shot .22 revolver with 4" barrel
H&R 9 shot .22 revolver with 6" barrel
Sig .22 auto with 4" barrel
.380 compact auto (havnt picked this one up yet so dont know the make)
Charter Arms .38 revolver with 2" barrel
Hi-Point .40 auto with 5" barrel

I also wanted a 9MM but my nephews Glock auto he says has Feed problems and will only work 1 round at a time..but still may use it.

Also will have them learn on a Mossy .410 and 20ga pump and introduce saftey and handling on bolt and auto rifles.

Actual firing will be done at 7 Yds on a B-27 silloute target (required for CCW). Assortment of calibers and firearms is to determine BEST FIT and CAPIBILITIES for each of them. To qualify applicant must place 15 of 20 shots into the 8-9-10 ring of the target. Also they must show safe handling and reload procedure with the weapon during firing. After the training course each will use their intended CCW weapon for qualification.

Each phase of the training will be posted (with Pics) with the first session being SAFTEY. If all goes as planned this will commense tomorrow.
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women for some reason do quite well at shooting guns! wife will tell you she is better than me!
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