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Happy Thanksgiving...

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Just wanted to wish all the Staff and Membership here a very bountiful Thanksgiving...

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Wishing everyone a Great Thanksgiving. Big day tomorrow with the Family on both sides. We are baking the Turkey for the Meal. Also this year have a big ole bunch of Crappie we will fry up along with Ham. Also the wife has baked a fresh Apple Cake packed with Black Walnuts we have picked out. Will be more than 50 with other members and friends who wander in and out during the day. Meal starts at 12 noon and goes till well into the night. We will all crawl out stuffed and truly thankful. And to think we get to do it all over again at Christams ......... I have to stock up on rolaids ....... :eek:

See ya around 12 noon SWO1. I'll bring the appetite. :D
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and remember just how blessed we all truly are.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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