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Happy Thanksgiving...

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Just wanted to wish all the Staff and Membership here a very bountiful Thanksgiving...

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Wishing everyone a Great Thanksgiving. Big day tomorrow with the Family on both sides. We are baking the Turkey for the Meal. Also this year have a big ole bunch of Crappie we will fry up along with Ham. Also the wife has baked a fresh Apple Cake packed with Black Walnuts we have picked out. Will be more than 50 with other members and friends who wander in and out during the day. Meal starts at 12 noon and goes till well into the night. We will all crawl out stuffed and truly thankful. And to think we get to do it all over again at Christams ......... I have to stock up on rolaids ....... :eek:
Glad you got to spend time with the son greyhawk. Great that you passed the 336 to him. My son dosnt want the .35 Remington, or 30-06 Savage so guess I will get rid of them. I want another .308 anyway.

Like you I look at all the food we have here in this country. Its a shame the whole world cant be the same. from 50-60 were in during the afternoon and into the night. I came home at 1900, showered and went to bed. The rest of my family stayed until about 2130, so my wife said, I was sound asleep by then.

My brother-in-law is slaughtering a cow this afternoon at 1330. It lost a calf and is having problems. The Vet said best thing was to put her down and salvage the meat. The locker plant comes out, slaughters it, and hauls off the meat for processing for the Hide. Will have it ground into all hamburger. @ about $2 a pound will be quite a bit. I will split it with him. Later this evening I will go down and help him drop a dead Hickory Tree down by his driveway. will cut it up and split for fire wood. Hickory burns HOT and pops and throws sparks so either burn it in an enclosed furnace, which he has or use for outdoor fires, which I will for camping trips. Its a big ole tree and will yield over 2 chords split.
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