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I have had read many members complaining about rust on their guns either blued or stainless.i posted a couple pictures of my hard chrome ak47................i bought the gun new from one of my wholesalers,the crate got wet and the guns where rusted, so i picked them up very cheap.i was going to sand mine down and use a bake on epoxy finish.but i have a friend that hard chromes not mistake bumper chrome with hard chrome.bumper chrome lays ontop of the metal and peels,blues and rusts and looks cheesy.......hard chrome is a three step prosess with three different metals burned in through electralasis, and now is the metal to the gun and will never,ever come off,ever heard of gun bores flaking or peeling and they are rustproof.......................the hard chrome you can have brushed for a satin look or shiny which is not my thing.he did pistols and wanted to get into rifles so my ak47 was the the test subject.he gave me a pos jennings garbage gun and told me to leave it outside for a month and i live close to the ocean.................................a month had passed and i went to go look at it thinking it would have been pitted and rusted.from the weather and the sun, it had greyed.i took a soft rag and rubbed on it and it came right off as shiny as the day i put it there................he does this out of his garage but wanted to open up a shop but needed bigger tanks and more he finished my gun and baked it down to a satin finish and even a 30 round mag.he sells what he does by my gun alone as he did his finest work to see how it came out.......................also hard chrome is chip proof and makes the metal so hard that i cannot see it ever denting.just think of chrome lined bores to clean stainless off with oxidation is a pita and it takes off the first layer of stainless and after that the gun will rust twice as with blued guns.i gave it to him in pieces so they would fit in his tank and he gave me the most beautiful pieces back.......................................needless to say i put a g2 trigger in it and bulgarian furniture with a saw pistol grip and spring buffer and i taped off ever piece that went to metal and plasic and wiped a super slim line of rtv glue just to make it look seamless.any questions i have 6 or so detailed pictures in the "other guns section".check it is another option to refinishing a firearm and he is a one man operation, working to build a reputation so he is more than fair with his test subject was done for free,check out the pics,the proof is in the pudding
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