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It was a great morning with a little haze, bright sun and NO to very little breeze. A perfect day. Only two other shooters showed up with 2 having to work, one called and could not find my place, and my grandson who has a football practice called for 0800 this morning.

We started out at 25 yards, which none of us thought interesting so moved to the 50 for the rest of the morning. One shooter who owns a local LGS brought a CZ 455 varmint, and a Ruger Rim Fire Bolt Action. The other shooter had a Marlin XT with bull barrel and some kind of AR type 22 which he soon found out aint worth a flip of target.

Top guns for the morning:

Savage MarkII VR (Mine) started out with RWS R-50 which has been real good. Switched to Eley Edge and started shooting clean cards (all10s).

Marlin XT with Eley Tenex (my grandsons) (9s and 10s)

CZ 455 Varmet. He started with CCI SV, then went to Federal Ultra Match. The ultra match had short strings that were good and then some that were, well not so good. Terrible trigger, heavy and worst part didn't break clean.

Stock Marlin XT with bull barrel. He started with Fed Auto Match, then went to CCI Mini Mags. He found out maybe a good hunting combo but for target High Velocity sucks. I and the other shooter both gave him a box of CCI SV and things improved a LOT. I also let him shoot some Eley Target which was good also. I then let him shoot the grandsons XT. As he said after 3 or four rounds ...... WOW. Just over 16oz trigger, weight added to stock, 32X target scope,fore end plate (shot off a Bench Rest front rest and rear bag.

Things I found out:
Was looking at a CZ 455 with bull barrel, like the one I shot. Not thinking about it NOW. At $200 more than the Savage and dosnt shoot as well. I liked the little Ruger. Trigger wasn't adjusted down as far as it would go but broke clean. But again at more$$ than Savage or Marlin a non player for me. Maybe if they start putting on Target (bull) barrels instead of the short fence posts off the 10/22 might reevaluate.
The Ruger Rim Fire just didn't have enough scope. Although it didn't do bad with CCI SV.

Justin the LGS owner shot my Savage with Eley Edge. shot a clean target with lots of Xs. I think he shot it a little better than I did. It also has a 10 oz trigger, 36X target scope, fore end plate and weight added to butt stock. I also have piller bedded the Action. He said .... "and I thought my CZ was good, no comparison"..

James the other shooter shot the Savage, 4 rounds of Eley Edge, 4 10s-2X. He told Justin he would be in to order one, Justin said he will be shooting one next time also.

A fun morning all around.
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