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    Title should say Hello from an old Alabama boy!
    My first .22 was a Sears model 41 DLA that I later found was made by Marlin. It had the chrome plated cast trigger guard and walnut stock. A single shot model my dad got me brand new at Sears. Really nice looking rifle. Later I decided to sell it because it was only a single shot. (Dumb thing to do.) I regretted selling it, but a couple of years ago I found another one at a local gun show and bought it. Glad I found it! I also have a model 80 DL that I picked up at a pawn shop for a decent price because it was missing the magazine. (I already had a magazine.) Anyway, I also repair, collect and shoot old airguns. Looking forward to doing a little research on the Marlin models. thanks, Bill
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