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Hey to all, my name is Len (threesaride). I received a email invite on another site SO here I am! I live about as far mid & west as one can get in Illinois. On a clear day I can see the Arch in St. Louis. I'm retired (kinda) and I work really hard trying to stay that way. At this point in life I have 3 loves. My wife, my VW trikes & old guns. I'm not really a collector, more of a finder. When I was young (seems like a long time ago) I never had the $$$ to collect. So I satisfied that desire buy finding goodies, enjoying them for awhile then find them a new home. I have owned, enjoyed & used many a Marlin over the years. At present I have two Marlin levers 1) 1894 38 40 excellent shooter 2) 94 38 40 98%+ collector grade. Gotta love them old levers. Thanx for leting me in, Len


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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