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Hello, from Minnesota

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I live in a small town about 20 miles west of Minneapolis. Former home of Tonka Toys.

I got my first Marlin in 1962. On my first deer hunt. I shot my first deer, with my first shot, on the first day of deer season.:D

Then, I went five years without seeing a deer.:(


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Welcome Plumber.
We like deer hunt'n stories.
Greyhawk, you may be sorry you said that.

It was the summer of 2000. My youngest daughter just got married. Her new Father-in-law (Ed) invited me to a deer hunt at his cabin in WI, that fall. That year you got three tags with your license. On opening day I was sitting on a ridge watching a heavy trail at the bottom of a draw, when a doe stepped out of the brush 20 yards in front of me. I shot, and she ran past me, to within 10 feet of the road. How considerate of her, to leave me with only a 10 foot drag.
The next day Ed went to church, but said he'd meet me on top of the hill, on the edge of the woods, when he returned. Just as he got to me, two shots came from the woods. We waited, and a doe and fawn ran out of the woods and stopped at 100 yards. I shot the doe, and Ed shot at the fawn. After Ed emptied his 30-06 I raised my rear sight two notches, and shot the fawn at 200 yards. I took all three deer with three shots from my 30-30.
It's the same gun I'm holding in my avatar, from 1962.


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Welcome to MarlinForum!!!
Yes, it's me the 'real' mainecat!!! ;)

I'm a big fan of your Marlin and hunting stories also!!!

I wish Tonkas were still made in your home town!! I'm glad I was still able to get my son a dump truck that came from there when he was little.. That was about 12 years ago.. Now they're made in China like most everything else these days.. :(
My Grandma worked for Tonka until she retired in 1963.
On Dec. 9, 1983 Tonka moved to El Paso, and Juarez.:(
In May 1991 they were taken over by Hasbro.:mad:
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