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Thank you for having me. I am a 50 something searching for the fountain of youth via collecting Marlin Glenfield. 22's.

I just became a first time grandfather of a very handsome little grandson. And since my first gun was a model 25, he now has 2 M G .22's and is only 2 weeks old plus he will get the two I already had. He gets -

Model 10 Groundhog stock
Model 20 Squirrel stock
Model 25
J C Higgins Model 43DL

The Marlins are all stamped JM. The 20 is a little rough, needing the stock refinished and metal re-blued. The J C is a 9.5 out of 10. Only wish it was a Marlin, not a J C Higgins.

I will get the rest of the Marlin Glenfield models to round out the collection. Should they need work done, I will make them safe to shoot. As for the stocks and metal, they will get cleaned up as well.

I know these guns were made in mass and have no real value, but to me the value is immeasurable. And it is increased even more so knowing they will be handed down to my grandson.
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