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    Good evening Marlin lovers! I was searching for a Marlin based site and came upon you. We have a very nice collection on Marlins that are mostly LNIB, I would love to share some pictures and hopefully get some additional information on them if your familiar. Any and all help is appreciated. Here is a few. ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1490839384.645981.jpg ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1490839416.033486.jpg ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1490839445.832793.jpg ImageUploadedByMarlin Forum1490839500.203699.jpg
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    Beautiful! You've got off to a good start on this forum cause we love pictures.
    Welcome from Hollywood Alabama. Enjoy yourself.
    The best way I've figured out how to guesstimate the value of a firearm is to go to an auction site and look through the archives and bid sheets

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    Howdy, PJB, and welcome to the camp from northeast Indiana. C'mon over here and have a set-down by the fire. Coffee is in the pot; help yourself. Thank you so much for the Marlin porn. By posting those pictures you have kept your name off of the latrine duty roster for 60 days.


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