Hello just signed up .

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    Hello everyone , I had just signed up but had been going through the fuorm for a few days now checking things out .

    I own a few Marlins since I was a young kid a .22 magium bolt gun & a 12 GA Goose gun I got from my grandfather not long before he passed away . I've never had a problem with either . The Goose gun I carried in the hills as a young boy hunting , it was a bit heavy & award but it would reach out & get anything you pointed it at .
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    Welcome aboard. Glad to have you with us. Make yourself at home and join in.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum KC2 !!

    Post a few pics of those two classics when you find the time...
  4. kentuckycowboy2

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    Thanks guys , I'll try to do that over the week end if not before . Their giving rain for us so I might be stuck inside anyway .

    By the way where would the best place be in the forum to post the photos if I may ask ?
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    John, welcome to the Marlin Forum and glad you decided to join us.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    I'm BACK

    Got dropped off the site for non-use, I reckon. Been dealing with the wierdest cancer that the folks at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center and U of MO Hospital have seen. Doing better and ready to get back to shooting more and hunting within my limitations.

    I see the MOG site has undergone some upgrades. Kudos to whomever is responsible!

    I'm your basic red-necked, country raised USAF Retiree with a passel of grandkids (12). I've been working with and guiding them into guns and shooting. One almost 7yr old grand daughter that's ready to go kill a deer...so she thinks with me or Uncle Jeff.

    All are made clearly aware of firearms safety and the little ones don't mind the muffled (ear muffs) report of the 10/22 and light recoil of the Mark II target, but a little shy of larger weapons...that should improve with time.

    Two grandsons that live across he state cost me several $ when they visit with the 10yr old falling "in love" with my Sig 226. They've help create some of the ammo they shoot, which helps them see the whole picture more clearly.

    I "coherced" 3 of our 4 daughters and our sole daughter-in-law to participate in the "1st Annual Dads n Daughters at the Range" this past June. The missing daughter is in A-Stan and won't return until Jan 2013.

    The two of them don't own firearms got more out of the little competition I set up than my two gun-toters! We had a blast together on the family range. I encourage EVERYONE to check into paricipating, whether at your private shooting spot or at a gun club. Mark your calendars for 15 June 2013. You can find bits of info on the net and the creators of this concept have a page in facebook. The upcoming year's event is geared more toward everyone in the family shooting with the girls.

    Shooting sports are a great way to spend some quality family time!;)

    I'm also a thorn in the side of politicians when it comes to our freedom's and liberties that are being threatened.:mad: SUPPORT THE 2nd AMENDMENT at every turn and with every opportunity! It's the only thing standing between being free and being a slave of the government.

    As you can see, I can get long winded...so enuf 4 now!
  8. greyhawk50

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    Again, Glad to have you with us.
    Hope & pray that all goes well with your recovery. Keep them young'ns a shoot'n.

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    Welcome aboard Kentucky!