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    My dad only had his right hand, lost the other before I was born. So, I never thought twice about seeing him load his Browning pump action shotgun with one hand, prop it up on his built in gun holder..and knock the ducks down all day.
    I've seen him come to blows over being called handicapped ( he was a golden glover boxer before his accident).
    In retirement he had slowed down, had a place at Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia and this gun was kept leaning by the back door where he'd sit out on the screen porch and blast the squirrels.
    10 years After he passed my sister gave me this gun. I gave it its first cleaning..I'm pretty sure he wasn't doing that. Whew, what a mess. I've done a little research and find this was probably made in the 60s as there is no serial number, beautifully scripted on the barrel and has a nice dark patina.
    But now I'm going to use this for home defense, probably with some CCI stinger hollow point ammo. And why is ammo for 22 longs so hard to find anyway.
    I'd like to post a picture or two but don't know how yet, it's real pretty, feels good when I pick it up. Thanks, Dad. This gun is a real find for me and I'm happy to find a forum, thanks to all.
    John in Georgia
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    Welcome, nice story and good to the rifle stayed in the family.

    A few comments, you can put pictures on a site such as Photobucket and after the upload, you can put the image in your post. You say 22 longs, if the rifle is a Model 99 from the 60's it will shoot .22 LR, L and S (long rifle, long and short). I've seen shorts around every once in a while, but never 22 long. I don't think is 40 years of shooting rimfire I have fired anything other than 22 LR or Short.

    You should replace the buffer in the action, the white ones or the new black plastic ones for Marlin 60s will work. Especially If you are going to use CCI Stingers (which is not really a good idea, stick with standard velocity or MiniMag type velocity)

    Lastly, you will better off with his Browning pump shotgun for home defense.

    Post some pictures, we can help with dissassemly for replacing the buffer and shoot it!

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    Welcome John. Glad to have you join us here at the Marlin Forum. We're a pretty friendly bunch. I think you will enjoy us and most certain you will treasure the mod. 99.
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    Welcome, my friend. Enjoy yourself!
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum John...!!
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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum
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    Welcome to the forum!