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Hello marlin people

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I should properly introduce myself. My name is Ken I live in Western Washington. I am retired from the Army and have been around firearms for quite some time,I have hunted since I was 12 but have a great respect for gods creatures. I don`t beleave in trophy hunting, if your not going to eat it don`t kill it is how I was raised. I have a 336 30-30 and several other rifles shotguns and handguns. I just started reloading and its a lot of fun. glad to be here and thanx for having me..
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welcome to the forum Ken! those 336 30-30's are great rifles. i had one several years ago, and regret trading it off now. i have always liked the look of the winchester M94, but prefer the smoother and stronger of the 336. good luck and welcome.
I really like it axxe, funny you mentioned the winnie 94, I shot my first deer with a `52 year model 94 chambered in .32 special. My brother ended up with it,I`ve been trying to get it from him for years..
oldbrass, you're hurting my feelings! M94 in 32 win.sp. is one i have been trying to find. i have a set of reloading dies that my dad had for when he had one chambered for that years ago. too bad nobody chambers for that round anymore.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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