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Hello marlin people

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I should properly introduce myself. My name is Ken I live in Western Washington. I am retired from the Army and have been around firearms for quite some time,I have hunted since I was 12 but have a great respect for gods creatures. I don`t beleave in trophy hunting, if your not going to eat it don`t kill it is how I was raised. I have a 336 30-30 and several other rifles shotguns and handguns. I just started reloading and its a lot of fun. glad to be here and thanx for having me..
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well hi ya'll. I love Tenn but am stuck back in the NE for awhile.I've had Marlin guns most of my life and have always gotten great service out of them.Sold some off time to time and kicking myself for it now.I love my 336 in.35 and it's definately a keeper with the Hor LEL bulletts yessuh.Love the site
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