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Help choosing a new rifle

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I have stated in my Intro. I am a novice when it comes to rifles, I have a Savage hog hunter chambered in.308 but am anticipating a trip in the next year or two uo to my cousins in ALASKA I know they grow things very big up there and was hoping to get some advise on Caliber and model of Marlin that would be within the 1000.00 range and bolt action and any tips if you all have hunted in Alaska! Thanks
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DUTCHS, if going to Alaska to hunt, i would give the recommedation for the 3-06 because it's being able to propel the larger bullets needed a bit better than the 308. 200+ grain bullets is where the 30-06 has an edge over the 308 in ballistics.

another good choice for Alaska would be the 45-70 in a Marlin lever action. large caliber bullets with good knock down power at reasonable distances.
Thanks Axxe, I will look into that! I have never shot a lever action but they seem pretty handy to use! All the years they been around must be something to it!
you're welcome and hope i have helped you out. in all honesty, i have never shot the 45-70 in a lever action myself, only in a few single shot rifles. i have shot many lever actions, and owned many in different calibers, but the 45-70 has eluded me!

the Marlin Model 1895GS might be the one to look into. walnut stock, stainless steel action and barrel, 4+1 magazine tube capacity and has a MSRP of $812. which i am sure would be lower at your LGS. might be the perfect rifle for your Alaska hunting trip.
DUTCHS, i think you did just fine with the price for a rifle in that caliber. i have seen in some stores, just the rifle for not much less that that. hurry up and get so you can do a range report. i am very curious about your rifle.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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