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Help choosing a new rifle

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I have stated in my Intro. I am a novice when it comes to rifles, I have a Savage hog hunter chambered in.308 but am anticipating a trip in the next year or two uo to my cousins in ALASKA I know they grow things very big up there and was hoping to get some advise on Caliber and model of Marlin that would be within the 1000.00 range and bolt action and any tips if you all have hunted in Alaska! Thanks
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Please remember I am a novice, So, What this chart says to me is that the 30-06 is a marginally larger shell that carries farther and gets there quicker. Right?
The .308 is essentially a shorter, downloaded .30-06. The -06 is requires a long action reciever where the .308 is a short action. Some people say a short action is more accurate because there is less flexibility due to a smaller ejection port and a shorter bolt. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Most experts (I am not an expert) will agree that the .308 is more accurate at long range but the .30-06 retains more power.

That being said, for my money I'd go with a .30-06 for big game at long range and stick with my .308's for human sized targets at somewhat closer range..
Thanks hobo! I am really deciding if the spend is worth it if my. 308 will be enough. What I get from your comments is that having a 30.06 would be useful if that big game shot is farther away and I need that velocity to drop it and the.308 would be great for the stuff that I really need to place that shot in the right area to drop it. I wonder? If I am hunting Elk,Moose, those calibers will drop those animals? I guess you only have to go to the really big calibers if you start going big stuff like Africa? I hate to sound dumb but I am a firm believer better to have to much and not need it than to not have enough and need it!
Please don't make you decision based on my opinion. I know a bit about guns, ammo and ballistics but I'm not a big game hunter - actually not much of a hunter at all. I'd suggest you let someone with real world hunting experience, beyond the occasional squirrel, rabbit or possum weigh in and see what they have to say.

No question is dumb, we all started somewhere...
So, I was in a gun shop yesterday and I found this baby sitting there and it had my name written all over it!! I put a down payment on it and my wife is going to get it for me by September for my Birthdat!! My question here is , DID I GET A FAIR PRICE?? The package is, The rifle, a hard case, a sling and 4 boxes of Ammo for $ 685.00 OTD, What do you htink? Is that a fair price??
That really depends on what you call fair. Around here I can do a transfer on a firearm for $25, so add that to the price of ordering online and you could easily save about $100 on the rifle. It also depends on the value of the case, sling and ammo.

It's a really nice rifle either way.
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