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Help identifying an inherited lever action

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Hi from Atlantic City NJ. I just inherited a Marlin Lever Action. I can see no identification markings on the barrel. They might be there but extremely light or barely scratched in the barrel. Maybe the barrel was re-blued? My father would refer to it as the .35 Marlin. So - any ideas how to identify this? Serial number is R34123

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Looks like a Marlin 336 SC-Sporting Carbine. The R prefix indicates 1957/1958 date of mfr...could be either year, but leans to 58. The sporting carbine is a premium model and is a really nice rifle. Value is going to depend on condition, which is hard to tell in detail from the pictures, but overall it looks good from here. Look for undamaged screw heads, clean bluing without worn spots, pitting or rust on the barrel or receiver and in the bore. It would be valued at a premium over the standard model regular carbine and is sought after by Marlin fans. .35 is a great caliber in my opinion and also adds value, although could be an issue in these days of low ammo inventories. It is a hard hitting round that seems to outperform the expectations of the ballistics numbers in the field. Very nice rifle. Take good care of it.
Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm having difficulty finding ammo for it. As for condition, it looks like the barrel may have had work done on it. Factory stamping is missing, but looks like an attempt to engrave/scratch the model and caliber into the barrel was made. I plan on using it. Never fired a lever action before.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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