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That would be the Ramline folder or lockarm which can be converted to a folder rather easily.
Ramline has thusfar refused to remake this stock...but I imagine that if they receive enough emails, they might.
Still available thru Numrich on occasion. Watch this listing every week.
Here's one of mine on a 795 with Bipod, pre-folding conversion.

I'll post about how to convert one deserves its own post. All ya need is an ATI SKS retro-fit kit ($10) and 15 minutes.

The other option is the Muzzlelite Bullpup stock, which makes for a very compact & handy package :)
Here's another 2009 Marlin 795 in one...

That's it so far...13 million Marlin 60's, 7 million model 70/70-P/70-PSS's, and 4 million 795's...
20 fawkers making stocks for 7.3 million 1022's, and nobody wants to tap a 24 million Marlin semi-auto rifle market??
Lets just say that aftermarket synthetic stock MFR's are stupid as heck and leave it at that.

At least Boyd's is covering the laminate-wood-stock market with inexpensive stocks in a variety of styles!

However...there is hope...I do know of one guy that's working on a deal to make a synthetic tactical folding stock,
that has three pic rails on it...he's sent in the stuff to get it patented and is waiting until that's completed before making it available.
Meanwhile, its undergiong Beta testing...gotta get that fit Just Right ;)
So hopefully, sometime next year it'll appear!

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You can modify the ramline 795 folder to work for the model 60, too much hassle IMO though
Ain't difficult, all ya gotta do is drill a hole for the tube...and dremel/carve wher the bit won't reach...
then take a model car hood or trunk lid & cut it to fit over the magwell hole ;)

AND, Ramline used to make a Model 60 folder & lockarm stock (which can be converted with an ATI SKS retrofit kit to fold) as well...

So there are options ;)

Kinda surprised someone doesn't just flat copy a Ramline, change the outside of the stock a little, and put it out as their own ;)
I'm thinking instead of the funky straight lines on the sides of the forearm, go with Pic Rails ;)
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