Henry 45-70

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    Just saw an article on the "new" Henry rifle in 45-70 and noticed it is tube fed like my old Marlin model 60; where-as you remove the tube plunger and load through the bottom of the tube (towards the front of the rifle) and replace plunger to "cycle the action" & "load the chamber".
    that said; is a bottom loading design (aka-pump/semi auto shotgun) out of the question for a lever gun, due to the inner workings of the system?? just curious??:confused:
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    Great question. Why can't Henry use the 12 ga. style loading instead of the tube feed?

    I love my Henry H01 and don't mind the tube feed for 15-17 .22s. When I was looking at a .357 I passed on the Henry because I wanted a gate feed.