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Henry Big Boy 44 mag

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I was just wondering if anyone out there has purchased a Henry Big Boy in 44 mag and if so what has been your experience with it
Please opine
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Good morning Hillbilly.
Sorry, never owned a Henry.
The reviews are good and the caliber definitely has it benefits.
Never shot one, but when I did handle one, it seemed very heavy. But the action cycled smoothly and seemed well built.
Been wanting one,doubt I'll ever have the Money though. Guess I'll stay with the Contender 44 mag. :D
Old post but I just bought the big boy steel and love it!!! Shoots great
I've got two Henrys, a Big Boy in 357mag and a standard issue blue 22mag. I already had a Winchester Trapper carbine in 44mag.
Back to the Henrys. Well balanced, action like butter. The 357 is a little heavy due to the octagonal barrel, but it's an excellent shooter, as is the 22mag. The only issue some guys have with a Henry is they don't have a side loading gate. The tube magazine has to be removed to reload, which makes reloading on the move problematic. That aside, they're a particularly nice lever gun.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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