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Here I go again !!

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Got my .38 working to perfection as a PD carry gun. Shoots neat little holes 7-10 yds. out with handloads (best). Also almost as good with factory stuff.

Now have the itch for something else. Been researching and think I have found the next level up and unique as well. Will make this a Trivia kind of thingy....:p

It's a DA revolver...6 shot, 3" barrel, kind of hefty, 38 oz. Unique thing is...SHOOTS 5 DIFFERENT KINDS OF ROUNDS IN THE SAME PLATFORM ( same cylinder, ect)

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Its a Taurus??or a Smith & Wesson
NOT...NOT....What caliber is it also.......?? Caliber is what makes it Unique !
Phillips & Rodgers Medusa Multi-Caliber Revolver

(all in the .353. to .357 cal. range ) ( Examples: .380 ACP, 9x19mm Parabellum, 9x18mm Makarov, 9x21mm, 9x23mm, 38 Super, 38 Colt, 38 Long Colt, 38 Special, .357 Magnum, etc.)
Good try Shooter......But no banana....:( I can buy it today....NIB. Also in different barrel lengths and models.

Come on....other pistol shooters.....jump in.........:D
Wouldn't have any idea,most I know of is 2 different calibers like 357 and 38 special or 44 mag and 44 special :confused:. Sounds very interesting though.Can't wait for the answer :D.
PICTURES......That's a little to much..:p

More clues:

It's a US made revolver...
Shoots "5" different US types of Ammo...No "furrun stuff"
I know of "2" different manufacturers as of today. Used to be more.
The one I'm lookin at developed the Round and the gun for it.
Been around for years.

Think of goin down to almost as low as a .22 Mag and almost as High as a .357 Mag......and everywhere in between........:eek:
Pictures when you get it, I give up guessing:rolleyes:

In colabriation with Federal, Ruger developed the ".327 Federal Magnum Cartridge". Federals offering develops 1500 FPS with a 90 gr bullet.

Ruger offers the GP100 SS DA revolver. 6 shot. On their site it's listed as a 4.2" barrel at 38 oz. I have read reviews of a 3" model. Also a Blackhawk in that caliber but it is not listed so may be discontinued.

S&W also lists their 632 model in 3" in .327 in SS at just 24 oz. It has a ported barrel.

Taurus and Charter also offered it but it has been discontinued by both, although Charter does still have the 2" snubby in .32 H&R Mag.

Capiable of firing the .327 mag., .32 H&R mag., .32 S&W Long , .32 acp, and .32 S&W.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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