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    I won a 990du in a drawing about 20 years ago, and went to shoot it yesterday. Well it was raining today so I decided it was about time for a deep clean. I got the receiver and springs all disassembled, but when it came to the trigger, I messed up pretty bad.

    It looked like there were two pins to be replaced, but when I did the spring went flying across the room (still unfound) and cracked the trigger guard in the process. I was just wondering if the model 60 could interchange trigger guard, trigger, etc. I found some model 60 triggers around online, but no 990, but they look exactly the same.
    P.S. It's sunday and I don't feel like talking to them unless they will send me one free, but I doubt that will happen.

    Thanks guys,
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    First off, I want to extend a hearty welcome. Glad that you could join us.
    Sorry to hear about your problem with the 990. I'm not experienced in that area but, hopefully, there is someone here that can help.
    Again, Welcome.


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    Welcome to the forum
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    Thanks for joining!
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    Taylor, welcome to the Marlin Forum and hopefully we can find some help for you with your rifle. honestly, i have never heard of that model and wish i could be of more help. just a suggestion, you might try Numrich Gun Parts. they list a lot of out dated parts for guns that no one else seems to have and they have schematics on lot and lots of different guns.